Joey Blue here, Founder of SqlTrainingOnline.com and CEO of Embark Blue Inc.

I created this training resource after over 25 years of computer experience.

When I was 9 I started messing with a TI-99 computer my dad had.

I immediately copied a program that made a rocket launch on the screen. I was hooked!

I enjoyed the thought of creating something that would do work for me. I would write some code once and then it would just work forever.

To this day, I still enjoy the feeling when I can make a program do something that would take multiple people days to accomplish by hand.

That enjoyment has put me through over 12 years of IT experience in SQL, Web Programming, and technology concepts.

Over the last 5 years, I started consulting with billion dollar companies and education institutions helping them with data automation, data integration, and data warehousing.

Basically, I was helping with all things related to moving (data integration) and presenting (business intelligence and reporting) data.

This was a very enjoyable experience and it financially paid off my student loans, credit card, and car loan debt in just 2 years.

The people I worked with were awesome.

Like Mike Warren, Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant,

Joey is a very knowledgeable SQL asset with a deep and broad
understanding of SQL technologies
from both a development and
business intelligence standpoint. His knowledge comes from a practical
standpoint having implemented actual SQL technology and as such
is a reliable and proven resource

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to have surgery.

This was scary for me and I had to reevaluate my priorities.

So I decided it was time to teach.

I learned a ton about what is important in working with data (and what isn’t so important).

My experience has taught me that you need to know some of the basics in SQL, but you don’t need to know every detail.

The most important thing to know are the concepts. If you know the concepts, you can find the details.

To get you started, you can go claim your 30 FREE SQL Training Online Videos, or simply read some of my blog entries.

Either way, leave any questions you have in the comments of the blogs and videos as I read them all.

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