How to test numeric in SQL Server

Sometimes you will run into a database table that is storing numeric data inside of a varchar or nvarchar column.

This is not recommended, but it does happen.  IsNumeric SQL Server

Normally you would store numeric data in a numeric or decimal column and the database will make sure the data has only numbers.

If the data is in a nvarchar column, then the database won’t care if the data is a number or a date or strings/characters.

In this case you will need to check manually to see if the column only has numeric data.

IsNumeric is a function in SQL Server that you can use.

Here’s a script to show you how to use it.

create table products
item nvarchar(100),
price nvarchar(100)
insert into products
select 'product1','-100'
select 'product2','25.42'
select 'product3','test'
select 'product4','0.01'

select item,price,isnumeric(price) numeric_check
from products;

Isnumeric function results

select item,price,isnumeric(price) numeric_check
from products
where isnumeric(price) = 0;

Isnumeric function where filter

Note that there are a few problems with the IsNumeric Function:

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