SQL Server Essentials for Beginners

Beginner's guide to relational databases.  SQL, Views, Stored Procedures, Backups, Functions, Indexes, and more.
No prior knowledge needed!

In this training you will develop a basic understanding of SQL Server.

You will work along as we create databases, tables, stored procedures, views, and indexes.

Step-by-step, you will also learn to use the SQL Server tools to change data, including Insert, Update, Delete, and Retrieving data.

You will get vocabulary lists and worksheets to help your learning along the way.

In this course, veteran consultant, Joey Blue, takes you through the essentials of SQL Server right through advanced topics such as backups, security, and indexes.

This course is recommended for all business and IT professionals that want to advance their careers by understanding their corporate database.

Understand Databases
How to write SQL statements to CREATE, Retrieve, Update, and Delete
How to Filter, Join, Sort, and Group data.
Foundational knowledge in Security, Backups, and Indexes
Database Vocabulary to Speak the Language

You will understand the different pieces in SQL Server. Including, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Security, Backups, Indexes and Schemas to help you talk to DBA’s, Programmers, IT and to sound smart when you are speaking about databases.

Internet Connection
PC (Sorry, the videos will run on a Mac, but you need a PC to run SQL Server.)
No background in SQL Server needed!
…We will start from Scratch.

SQL Server Essentials for Beginners

Length: 11.5 hours
Cost: $20  $15 with Coupon
Level: Beginners
Description: Learn SQL Server from the ground up.  No prior database knowledge needed.  Instant Access!

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